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Marley - Service Technician Development

With a continued focus on training & development support for our operating company Field Service Technicians, we have been working closely with our OEM business partners, vendors & suppliers. Recently I brought you news on the relaunch of the enhanced ILT training programs available in the “home campus” of the online school for technicians, which has seen an increased volume of new students from CSUSA. We also set up the Platinum Package agreement with the Trane Education Center, which has provided significant discounts for all factory, in-person & online instructor led training.

Today I would like to announce that we have been working closely with SPX Marley to increase our business partnership in several different area’s:

· Service warranty opportunities

· Field erected cooling tower projects

· Industrial refrigeration support

· Field Service Technician Training programs

The following is a brief description of the “Marley - School of Cool” to help enhance your field technicians with start-up, troubleshooting and repairs of cooling tower systems.

A three-day Marley® workshop will emphasize hands-on training, along with six hours of classroom learning, including an overview of tower operating manuals, Marley cooling tower designs, general tower maintenance, tower inspections and tower start-ups. Selling techniques and head-to-head comparisons will be incorporated by utilizing the Marley Parts Proof-in-Performance program. The workshop incorporates extensive tours of our Research and Development Center and Manufacturing Plant, where you’ll see first-hand how SPX designs, tests and manufactures Marley products. Most importantly, you’ll get hands-on experience with tower components, including NC® tower fill installation, belt tensioning and sheave alignment, driveshaft/close coupling alignment, fan assembly and fan pitch adjustment, Geareducer® pinion shaft oil seal replacement, controls overview and troubleshooting of Marley control packages.

Completion Certificates:

“Factory Trained” Certificates will be provided upon completion of the Marley service contractor workshop.


STAY TUNED – for additional future announcements on -

· Boilers

· Fans


…and a whole range of other product and technology training

Terry A. Young

Snr. Vice President, Service

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